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Morel Media

Morel Media is a documentary and nature film production company dedicated to shedding light on stories hidden amongst us. Based in Bozeman, Montana, Morel Media specializes in films about the natural world.

How we got our name 

Morel mushrooms, the most coveted fruit of the forest, blossom out of the ashes of wildfire. They thrive in destruction; yet are often overlooked to the untrained eye. Our mission is to capture the overlooked details that make narratives special.

Who we are

Ashley achieved a Masters in Marine Science and an MFA in Science & Natural History Filmmaking. Her interest in film is rooted in knowing that films can serve as an advocate for environmental issues and have the ability to create measurable impact.  Ashley is an FAA Certified Drone Pilot, PADI Dive Master and an ambassador for Ikelite Underwater Housing. Ashley has filmed and edited for National Geographic Society, Yellowstone National Park, Ocean Exploration Trust, and the Smithsonian Institute. 
Ashley Siana
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Jessica Portuondo is a filmmaker from Miami, Florida. She earned an MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking in 2019 and received a bachelor's degree in Communications and Digital Media Production in 2013. Her work includes commissions by the Montana Department of Agriculture, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Forever, and Tippet Rise. Jessica also edited content for CBS News, Discovery Communications, and Yellowstone Forever.
Jessica Portuondo





MINT 2018 

2nd Place 

Big Fork

Film Festival  2019

Fish & Wildlife Film Festival



Montana International Film Festival 2019

Here to Stay

Battered Wife

Yellowstone Invader

Big Fork International Film Festival 2019

Battered Wife

Yellowstone Invader

Naturetrack Film Festival 2019

Voice of a River 

University Of Idaho Fish & Wildlife Film Festival 2019

Yellowstone Invader

Big Sky Film Festival 2019

Here to Stay

Voice of a River

Ag & Art Film Festival 2020

Sieben Live Stock Company

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